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Jason Warren Bates Life Foundation:

Jason was an honor roll student who grew up in shreveport Louisiana, and after being struck by a drunken driver he became An organ donor to three recipients once declared death on Oct 18, 2002. Jason had just recently graduated from high school five months before the accident took place in his hometown of shreveport, Louisiana. He had move away to Georgia planning to attend college there. He had driven home to visit with family and after arriving the second day the accident happened on oct 15, 2002...Jason's Legacy lives on through three recipients of his organs, his three brothers Gecory, Justin , and Davion whom were all Jason's older brothers.

He was motivated and a driven ambitious young man who made a difference in the lives of so many people with his skills, hobbies and interest. He was an honor roll student along with playing in the high school band, ROTC; and he played a leading roll in the drama department in high school, and While he was in early grade school he was a member of Boy Scotts.

Jason's foundation for Education was

*Montessory -2yrs

*Southhighland Magnet program where he had to test 80% to be excepted, and he past with 89% at age 5yrs old *South was a performaning Arts shcool.

*He then went on to Walnut High Junior High once the family move out to the country where the family owned fouthy acres of land and a huge house. Jason learn a lot about the art of horticulture. Walnut High was also a performaning arts school
*South Wood High School was where Jason graduated where here got involve more deeply withs the drama class, band, and ROTC..

A message from Jason's Mother

Greeting! Hi, I'm thankful that I had such a wonderful son for all the years I was previlege to share him. He was a giving young man as he was taught to care for others. Jason demonstrated his love for others in everything he did. He had a great love for mamals, an animals and he had just about everyone like fish, cats, birds, and he had a gerbal at one time. I supported his love for animals teaching him at an early age how to love and care for someone, are something other and not only yourself. Jason had a dog from the time he was three year old. You will see many blogs posted on this website where you can read a list of contributions where Jason gave back to human society. These are just a few highlights of Jason's life foundation honoring the legacy of Jason that many people will benefit from through a Non-Profit Foundation

While healing from the devestation of my son Jason being killed in a car accident, I found myself releasing the pain through my art. I have learn how to navagate through the net to demonstrate some of my interest like singing a making music with garage band. There was never a day which would go by that I was not doing something creative since Jason left nearly seven years come Oct. 15, 2010. Just as I encourage my Son Jason to stay busy doing positive things; I believe that he would have wanted me to keep my own words. I put this song together to demomstrate my love for my facebook network with friends and family as we continue Jason's legacy.

Facebookie Song & Video freestyled /Amateur Art by PamelaMorganBates..

Jason Warren Bates Life Foundation: Facebookie Song & Video freestyled /Amateur Art by PamelaMorganBates

Shreveport Talent & More

I am amazed to see so many strong talented people in this region. The strength of the people have to be by the grace of God who have made them! I see talent everywhere in Shreveport. Now I wonder why haven't american gone to this gospel belt city where the po-po beats the streets at night sometime harrassing citizens? American Idle come on down!

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